It is on the south end of Deveboynu hill, east of the village of Gedeller in Antalya. According to the inscriptions found during land surveys, Onobara was thought to be a center of many farms in the vicinity rather than a city. The sarcophagi found in scattered farms around the settlement confirm this view. It is estimated that the name of the settlement means donkey (ono) farm (baris). It was a member of the Lycian League through the sympoliteia formed with Trebenna during the Roman Period. Onobara appears to be the easternmost settlement of Lycia in the Patara Road Monument. A road leading from Onobara reaches Attaleia in the neighbouring province of Pamphylia. Apart from land surveys, no excavation work has been carried out in Onobara. All of the few visible remains belong to the Roman and Byzantine Periods.

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