Arykanda - Aruwakanda

Arykanda is located midway between Elmalı and Finike, about 30 km to either town. It is located on the Bey Mountains on a natural pass which connects the coastal cities to Northern Lycia. Arykanda was first identified by Charles Fellows in 1840. Natural access to the city is only from the south. A high rock cliff rises at the north and there are deep cliffs to the east and west of the city. It was established in the form of terraces on a slope. The altitude difference between the northernmost and southernmost points is 200 m. Günther Neumann states that the Lycian name of the city is “Aru(w)-ak-anda” which means “the place in the high rocks”. Although this Luwian originated name suggests an older date for the city, there is almost no find that predate the 5th century BCE. Dynastic period findings are limited to the Lycian type rock tombs and coins discovered in the surrounding area. Except for some city issued coins, no Lycian inscription was found in Arykanda. Excavations were started in 1971 by Cevdet Bayburtluoğlu and continue today.

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